Looze.net is no more

Looze.net was a creative hosting service, but ceased to exist. Some people are still using the name, so click around.

Some hosted websites

Trip around europe for 90 days Nixon Records A band to rock out Code king gumuz Arie is a little bit late... PietLog Website of Gijs Molenaar Media Kunst student in Enschede (Holland), Realtime opensource video freak This sculptor from Amsterdam has some interesting works. She prefers to work with organic materials. Kaput website The Hardcore scene of the Ymond Youth Centrum 'de bakkerij' in Castricum, Holland. Very nice place, but they need to find a new place. You can give them support trough this website. Joost Olsthoorn stuff This band is the new hope of the IJmond. It is quite young, but it already won some rewards. This guy has some work of his school online. Donít remember actually what he was doing This music is for young and old. Cluster of IDM making artists. At this moment not really active. Celbration of the fact that 10 new countries joined the EU<br />
Photographs of Riet Molenaar The band of Autostatic, Blindnotes and some other guy not connected with Looze. Nice band, sort of IDM but only with real instruments. Some people say they sound like Karate. At this moment only their guestbook is hosted here. Musician, composer and teacher Frans Molenaar